About Our Studio

Our Photographic Studio

We always strive to provide a great service to our customers, whether they be private individuals or groups, models or photographers. Capable, friendly, easy-going and comfortable are words we like to ensure people will connect with our services. We are always improving and expanding our capabilities and options so there’s always something new to check out.

Our Spaces

Based in the home environment of one of our team members, our studio offers:

  • Simple creative studio space
  • Decorative living room shoot space
  • Boudoir shoot space
  • Fully stocked cocktail bar (no, not for drinking, but it’s a great background!)

Coming Soon:

  • Large and stylish dining room shoot space
  • Deck and patio space
  • Swimming pool, patio, deck and summerhouse space


This is a new venture of a commercial studio born from the home, so our equipment is currently all quite affordable… none of that seriously costly ‘big name’ studio equipment as yet, but it does the job adequately and we are working towards adding higher spec equipment as we go along.

Current equipment includes:

  • 3 mini pioneer 300DI studio lights with stands, one with boom
  • 3 hotshoe flashes with 2 studio stand mounts
  • 4 soft boxes
  • 2 large strip soft boxes
  • 1 beauty box
  • 2 multi reflectors
  • 4 umbrellas (silver, white and 2 multi)
  • Smoke machine
  • 2 backdrop stands (2m and 3m)
  • 3 small backdrop cloths, black, white & green
  • 1 large vinyl backdrop, black & white
  • 1 large backdrop cloth, dark grey
  • Various other cloths and sheets for backdrops
  • 1 pop-up backdrop with stand, pink one side and blue on the other
  • Many fairy lights (mains and battery)
  • Lensball

There are many more things we could list, but this gives you an idea.